Friday, April 17, 2009

Meijer Trip 4-16. Lost without my Camera. :( And lots of :P :P :P

I really needed to do a major grocery trip this week. I just couldn't get it to happen, so I had to settle with taking my wee one with me. I like shopping with him almost always, but when it comes to a big trip, it's just not usually fun. I have a big stash of coupons, he has the patience of a 21 month old. And we pull into the parking lot and I realize I only have one biscuit cookie for him to gnaw on. Bad planning. So we tried. I could have saved about $5 more dollars, at least, I'm estimating if I was alone. A couple things rang up wrong and a couple coupons didn't come off. It's just close to impossible to catch that kind of stuff with a cranky wee one with you. Oh, well. We did pretty good regardless.

Another bummer for this post is I don't have pictures. (left my camera at my parents on Easter--hope to get it this weekend.) I did snap some with my camera phone. BUT I don't really know how to get them from my phone to here, so we'll see. Maybe I'll figure it out. But I'm pretty sure I'd have to pay for sending them. And that's not thrifty, so we may just go without.

Meijer had a 10 for $10 sale this week. Not a ton of stuff to choose from, but with coupons I like the 10/10 sales. I also did several deals with manufacturer's coupons plus Meijer Mealbox coupons. You can only use 1 MMB coupon per item, but you can use a manu. coupon with a MMB coupon. It states "cannot be combined with another Meijer manufacturer coupon" and so I wasn't doing that, and they worked. I do not really like how they work, because when they ring up, it says "Promotion" or something like that and say "$0.00" which always confuses me. But on the receipt, the savings comes off underneath each particular item and not at the end like the manufacturer coupons. Here's what I got for $31.39.

**9 jars of Nature's Goodness baby food (apricots)--clearanced to $0.22 each, charged for 10, though. :P
**4 Mint Zone bars 4 x $1.15, minus 3 free with coupon, total $1.15
**2 8 oz Daisy sour creams $1.18, minus 2 $0.50 coupons, doubled--only one was taken off. :P again.
**1 Kraft Dressing $1.98, used $1.50 coupon
**1 Green Giant Frozen broccoli Steamer that rang up $2.19, but was in the 10/10 section. :P again!!! Used $0.50 off coupon, doubled.
**1 McCormick minced garlic $2.49, used MMB $1 off coupon
**1 Liquid plumber $4.35. Had a "Free or your money back sticker" which I'm going to send in for, cause I still have a clog. :P :P
**2 Oscar Mayer Deli Creation sandwichs, 2 for $5, used $1 off coupon. I have some more of these coupons, but probably will wait to see if they go 2 for $4. They aren't that big, but my husband liked them.
**2 Dole bags of salad. Supposed to be in the 10/10 sale, but rang up $0.98. So that put me off with the Buy 10/10, get 1 free. :P
**2 Green Giant boxed veggies $1 each, used $0.50/2, doubled, $0.50 each
**2 Green Giant Steamers $1, used 2 $0.50/1 coupons, doubled. Free.
**2 Softsoap pumps, $1 each (not in the 10/10 sale, why?) used 2 $0.50/1 coupons, doubled. Free
**2 containers of organic fresh mushrooms. Yum, in salads! $1 each.
**2 Motts jars of applesauce. $1.69 each, used 2 $0.55/1 coupons, doubled. Plus $1 off 2 MMB coupons. $0.19 each.
**1 Arnolds wheat bread. $1.69, used $1 off MMB coupon. $0.69.
**1 Minute Rice, price cut $2.15, used $0.50/1 coupon, doubled. $1.15. I've been buying the bagged rice cause it's cheaper, but it comes out so sticky. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this. **3 boxes of Kleenex with lotion 3/$4. Used $0.50/3 coupon, doubled. $1 each.
**3 cans of Hormel chicken breast (never tried it?) 3/$6. $1 off MMB coupon. 3/$5.
**2 Snuggle Creme liquid fabric softeners. 2/$7, used 2 $2 off coupons. 2/$3
**1 Oncor Salisbury Steak dinner $2
**6 Smart Ones, Buy 6/$12, get $2 off instantly, plus $1/5 coupon. 6/$9
Used a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon on the back of a ticket stub.

It was like $65 something. I gave the cashier my coupons and she said "Let's see if we can get it down to $50." :) She was nice. But I though, Oh yeah, lady, it's getting under $50!

With just coupons, it was like $43. Not bad. But then I whipped out the AWESOME $25 Meijer giftcard that my DAD gave me...He said he just doesn't shop there and so I could have it. What? I think he was just being super nice and helpful, like usual. But THANK YOU! It came out to $18.48 after the gift card. WOW, that's great! Total savings: (not including gift card) $48.28! Nice.

So you can see with all the :P's, I could have done better, but that's that. I don't know if it's worth it to return the couple things that didn't come out right? I'll have to think about it. BUT I did get home and realize I didn't buy the 10 for $10 Ground Turkey they had on sale, that we needed! So today, when I was out on my own (to hit up a couple garage sales), I stopped at Meijer for the Ground Turkey. I also got the following:

**7 lbs Ground Turkey $1/lb. $7 total
**4 bags Aunt Millies hot dog buns/hamburger buns $1
**1 box Kleenex $1.33, minus $0.40 coupon**, doubled. $0.53.
**1 6 pack Danimals yogurt $2, minus $1 coupon, minus $1 MMB coupon. Free. (forgot to get this last night, even though I handed the lady the coupons for it. I hate when that happens.)
**2 packs of Bar S franks $1 each
**1 Cascade dish detergent $3.09, minus $3 off coupon**, $0.09.

**Here's the funny thing, at my garage sales, I didn't hit any great finds, BUT the best garage sale deal I got: At one of the garage sales, the seller gave me a little baggy of coupons. She said she picked a bunch up at her Day Care and so she handed me one. Yum... coupons. I was thrilled. I opened it up (I managed to wait til I got to the car) there were a bunch of coupons!!! Kleenex coupons, (plus samples), Kimberly Clark product coupon booklet (hence the Cascade coupon). It rocked! It made the relatively dismal garage sale finds ALL worth it. :)

But anyways, the total was $12.91, after the coupons and the $1 item off for the 10/$10 get 1 free sale. Total Savings of $20.79! Awesome again!!!

Total spent: $31.39
Total Savings: $69.07
That's about 70%! Nice work. Even without pictures and a bunch of :P's.

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