Saturday, April 18, 2009

$0.00 Laundry Detergent! I'll take it!

I hit CVS a couple times this week. Free Sobe Water was nice (it was BOGO and there's a BOGO coupon). I also got the free after ECB's Colgate toothpaste and Softsoap Body wash, of course. I had coupons for those, so I made more ECBs than I used. :) :)

But Thursday was the best trip of the week. Money Saving Mom posted about a BOGO Purex detergent coupon on What was EXTRA SUPER SWEET was that CVS had this detergent on BOGO sale also this week. BOGO sale, plus BOGO coupon=F-R-E-E. Free! The printable coupons usually let you print two of each coupon, per computer, so that's what I did. I was even going to print some off at my parents, but the coupon reached it's limit FAST and was gone either the same day or next day. Oh well, Four detergents will last awhile (along with the 3 I already have in my stockpile.)

My cashier (a very nice one that is always friendly) wasn't sure if I could use the BOGO coupon. I didn't want to be a problem, and I told her that I thought it would, but if not it's fine. She asked the manager (a new guy--I'll be so happy if the old guys leaves--he so reminds me of a used car salesman, I can't stand it.) Anyways. The new guy read the coupons and said it should be fine. Technically (I didn't tell him this, but this is how it works, and CVS coupon policy states that you can use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale--but the workers don't always know that), but technically, CVS is offering the BOGO sale, however they do that in conjunction with the manufacturer, and then Purex is offering the coupon (which CVS will be reimbursed for), so there's really no reason why they shouldn't but sometimes they get all crazy about it. If they wouldn't have let me, I would have bought them at a different CVS. Earlier in the week, I did the same sort of thing with the Sobe Life Water deal and it wasn't a problem.

Again, I don't have a picture, but I'll let you use your imagination to visual 4 bottles of Purex detergent. :) I also grabbed two Sobe waters. I had CVS coupons for $0.50 off these, used 2 of them and so they were about $0.49 total. With tax and everything, my total was $1.58. Strangely enough, I had an ECB for $1.58. I didn't think I could use it, but this particular cashier will take it and just adjust it however she needs to. So I ended up paying $0.00 out of pocket! And I actually got back a Surprise $1 ECB from the Softsoap that printed the wrong ECB earlier this week and I called and they fixed it.

I love when $0.00 happens. It doesn't happen often, but you get that A-Team feeling when it does... "I love it when a plan comes together."

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  1. CVS was really good this week. I saved a ton of money, too!