Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lots of Free Huggies!! :)

I have been waiting for Huggies to go on sale at Rite Aid. I had a $20 Fall Gift of Savings certificate I have been wanting to use, but just couldn't stand to pay full price for Huggies. :) Here's what I did:

* 4 packs of Huggies Jumbo packs $8.99 each. Minus 4 $2 off coupons, minus 4 $1 off Rite Aid Video Values coupons. $5.99 each.
* 3 boxes of 24 count Tylenol Muscle/Pain $2.99, minus 3 $2 off coupons. $0.99 each.
* 1 bag of Sun Chips $0.99 (hubby's request)
* 1 GE lightbulb (sign said $0.99, but it rang up $6+) WHAT!! Will definitely be going to get my money back. I did use a $1 off coupon, so it was supposed to be free.
*1 box of Kleenex (280 count) $1.99, minus $0.75 coupon. $1.24.

My total was like $57. (which goes toward my Holiday Gift of Savings certificate that I can get up to $20 back for. I'm up to a $10 gift certifcate right now.)

I used a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon. Used my $20 Fall certificate and $7 I had left on my Rite Aid gift card. My total after all of that was $4.xx. Awesome! Had I caught the lightbulb slip up, I wouldn't have had to use all of my gift card--but believe me, I will take care of that asap.

Plus, I will get a voucher for a FREE pack of Huggies from Rite Aid. And I have a BIG pile of receipts I need to mail into the Caregivers Marketplace to get $0.75 back per pack of Huggies that I've purchased. It should be a pretty nice check I think. Maybe $30? I've been saving them up from all year... That would be nice. I don't know--I'll have to count it up and get back with you. :)

So, obviously, I was very happy when I walked out of the Rite Aid door, even paying $4, I thought that was awesome. Now knowing I get $6 back, I'm even happier! I could get another pack of diapers!

Happy holiday shopping! I hope you've had some time to get some good deals with all the hustle and bustle. Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Target: Price Matching 12-03

Well, I decided to try out some "price matching" today for the first time. I have heard that Target has started doing this, so I was going to go for it. Target has their own "Target coupons" that can be combined with manufacturer's coupons, so I thought this would be a great way to save even more. It worked! It took a little extra time, but I was very happy with it. I wish I had a picture of my loot, but my computer is still not cooperating in that area. Use you imagination, I guess.

Upon gathering all my treasures, I headed to the check-out counter. The cashier was unsure of how to do this and a manager told me I had to go to customer service to do price matching. (I imagine since it's new, the cashiers are pretty oblivious about it still) The cashier at Customer Service was very nice, very friendly. A "Trainer" according to her name tag. She was repeatedly super-excited about my deals and savings. It was refreshing. :) Here's what I did:

3 boxes of Ritz crackers (I need these for a cookie exchange I'm doing--they are one ingredient) Target has them on sale for $2.49. BUT Kroger has them on sale for $1.99, so she adjusted the price. Then I had 2 $1 off Target coupons. 1 $1 off manufacturer's coupon, and 1 $1/2 manu. coupon. 4 boxes $1.97 total!

4 Glade Holiday scented oil candle tins and 1 scebed oil candle refill. Target has these for $2.50 each. PLUS if you buy 5, you get a $5 gift card. BUT Walmart has them in their ad for $2.25. And I used 5 $1.50 off manufacturer's coupons. $0.75 each ($3.75 total). Received a $5 Target gift card. (I am using these for gifts for teachers/etc. I've collected quite a few, cause I've been rolling these gift cards, so you may get one too.) :)

2 12 packs (Pepsi products). On sale for $3 each. This was about the best price around this week, that I saw, so I didn't do price matching for this. But I had 2 $1 off Target coupons. $2 each.

2 bags of M&M's (for upcoming gingerbread house making). On sale at Target for $2.49. BUT on sale at Walgreens for 2/$4. Also used a $1/2 manufacturer coupon making them 2/$3.

1 box of Wheatables. On sale for $1.99. Used $1.50 off coupon. $0.49.

1 pack of holiday pencils from the Dollar Spot. $1.00.

4 refill packs of Up & Up (Target brand) baby wipes. $0.97 each. Used 4 $1 off Target coupons (took $0.97 off each.) F-r-e-e.

I think that's it. My total before price matching and coupons would have been $37.85 or more.

After coupons, my total was $15, even. Plus I got a $5 gift card for next time! Sweet!

The cashier was astouded! It was kind of funny. She said she wanted to hang out with me shopping and kept telling the cashier next to her about it. I have had some semi-miserable experiences coupon shopping at Target, so this was nice.

Also, SC Johnson has a rebate going on right now that I can get a $5 rebate for purchased 3 SC Johnson products (GLADE!). And I can do the rebate 3 times! So, if I roll my gift card one more time.... let me add that up... carry the one... that $15 back in rebates. Very sweet. So, I will have to do just that.

Happy Shopping!