Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kmart Super Double Sale, Part 2.

I didn't use all my coupons from my first Kmart trip, so Monday I went out and tried out another local Kmart. This Kmart had tons of the new Spring Beauty coupon booklet out for people to take! Yay! And I found a huge clearance section of products that I used coupons on! I love clearance sections and have never seen a Kmart with one that included Health and Beauty products. I will remember that, believe me. I didn't see as many couponers this time, but I did run into a nice Mother/Daughter combo and we chatted a little. They graciously gave me some Huggies coupons, which was super nice and I told them to make sure and grab some of the Spring coupon booklets. They also mentioned CVS was a great place to get diapers and I told them I LOVE CVS too. We bonded. :)

So here's what I got on my second trip:
**Softsoap Body Wash $2.24 on clearance, minus $1 coupon, doubled. $0.24.
**2 Veet Lotions on clearance $3.50 each, minus 2 $2 coupons, doubled. Free.
**Dial Body Wash $2.24 on clearnace, minus $1 coupon, doubled. $0.24.
**Clean and Clear toner $4.49, minus $2 coupon, doubled. $0.49.
**4 Aveeno lotions $3.15 each, minus $2 coupons, doubled. Free.
**2 Dry Idea deodorants $3.49 each, minus 2 $2 coupons, doubled. Free.
**Samy Mouse $2.99 on clearnace, minus $2.25 coupon, (forgot this wouldn't be doubled--oops.) $0.74.
**2 All Small and Might detergents $4.19 each, minus 2 $2 coupons, doubled. $0.19 each.
**Oust Air Sanitizer $4.19, $2 coupon was skipped and so I returned this, which much annoyance by the rude cashier. $4.19.
**Diet Pepsi 20oz. $1.49. $0.50 coupon also skipped, also returned, still annoyed. $1.49.
**Milk $2.49
**Hormel Compleat meal, was supposed to be $2, rang up $2.79, she said I had to buy 3 because they were 3/$6. Ugg. I got it because I was afraid I would be under by $50 limit, to use the $5/$50 coupon. Used $0.75 coupon, doubled. $1.29.

Total: $57.88 (around $61 with tax)
Minus $5 off a $50 purchase, Minus all other coupons: $6.59
Tax: $2.07
Total before returns: $8.66
Minus $6.08 in returns.

Total after annoying return, including tax: $2.58

The customer service lady was SO rude. If any of you know me, I am not mean or loud or rude and just politely told her the situation. She grabbed my receipt and basically told me there was nothing she could do. She spent 10-15 minutes going through the coupons I used (all the while Cooper has been a gem the whole time, thankfully.) She comes back with more excuses and I say I just want to return them. She huffs and puffs and bangs things around loudly, hands me my money and receipt and says nothing. Ugg. People like that! I just don't get it. Yes, I understand Super Double coupon week may be extra stressful. I get that. But I did nothing to deserve that treatment. I had 18 items and 17 coupons (no coupon for the milk) and so I knew that coupons weren't taken off. Oh well, I got my money back and her attitude is not my problem. Of all the stuff, I really needed the milk, which was $2.49 and so I paid just a couple extra cents for the rest of the stuff.

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  1. Wow! Great deals. Your super lucky, at my Kmart, you had to get there Sunday EARLY when they opened, or you mised out on ALOT!