Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Basket goodies

I wanted to share my Easter basket deals that I have put together. Cooper's not old enough to get Easter candy yet, but I've managed to pick up a nice assortment of Easter gifts for his basket this year--well, actually last year. You see, I am a big fan of stocking up for holidays, after the holidays. It sounds weird, but if you have the room (even just one plastic storage tub) you can grab wonderful holiday deals (75-90% off) after the holidays and save them for the following year, and even years to come. Here's Cooper's basket. I didn't even have to buy him an Easter basket, actually! For a shower gift, before he was born, someone gave me a beautiful basket, filled with diapers. I seriously think it may have been an Easter basket and they used it for a shower gift--what a great idea! So if you are needing a shower gift anytime soon, definitely scout out some cute Easter baskets that you see and grab them up after Easter when they go on clearance. I saw a super cute round sturdy one at CVS that I am hoping will still be there when it hits 75% off. I may consider 50% off , but probably not. I just usually think 50% off is that great a deal. I know, I'm crazy.

For the fillers, I picked up cute things throughout the year--mainly on 75% off--and store them down in the basement. Then when a holiday comes around, I have a selection of toys to choose from. Easter is a good holiday for little gifts (things that will fit in a basket, of course) so I found the Pluto stuffed toy ($1.48--Target after Christmas clearance), this Tonka Truck no-spill bubble cup (Kmart, 75% off summer clearance $1.25), and a set of cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse race cars (Kroger, 75% off toy clearance--Kroger has really great toy clearances randomly. This was $2.49.)

I filled the basket with CVS free after Extra Buck Easter grass, from this year, and some Easter themed gifts that I grabbed up last year after Easter. Either 75-90% off. Cute stuffed Easter bunny, and two little hop-around Easter toys, which Cooper can play with for a couple weeks, and then I'll put them back in the Easter bin for next year. A perfect little basket!
Also, as the year goes on, I gather books up with bunny/Easter themes. My mom is a big book giver, which I love, and some of the books are from her from last year. I don't have them out all year, just for the holiday. That way they seem new every year. And they actually stay new-looking, too. I did get these out about a week prior to Easter, so Cooper could look at them longer. As soon as I plopped them down in his book pile, he picked the new ones out and looked and looked at them.
As far as Easter eggs, I have several bags of different Easter eggs that I picked up either on clearance (some at Big Lots, CVS, Walmart, etc.) and a bag or two at a garage sale. All either 75-90% off, or garage sale priced at around $0.50. If you find some ones you really like keep a mental note of it and then check back a couple days to a week after Easter. I thought the little carrot ones were adorable so I waited to get them on clearance at Big Lots last year and I also got a pack of the glow in the dark ones after Easter, that Cooper will probably be into for next year--that will be fun!) More than likely, you'll find some that you really like, that your kids will love, even if it is next year, or down the road. I found the large eggs at a garage sale--perfect for 1 year old hands to pick up. I also found a bag of dinosaur Easter eggs at a garage sale. When he hits the dino stage, which I'm assuming most boys do, he'll love them.

So, I hope I inspired you to save a little money on Easter. It just takes a little planning and a place to store some extra goodies. I think my Easter basket is so much better than those pre-packaged ones with cheap toys and loads of candy that I see all over the place. But I am a little biased to my own good deals. :) But really, I like the personal feel and the fact that I put it all together myself, all while saving some money. You don't have to sacrifice quality even when you are on a budget.

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