Monday, April 20, 2009

Kmart Super Double Coupons, I'm lovin' it!

On Sunday, I hit up Kmart for their Super Double Coupon event. And this is not your typical double coupon situation. They were doubling up to and including $2 coupons! Wow. I was excited. I love the thrill of conquering a great sale. I made it out about 1pm. I didn't have any problem with a lack of inventory, which is great. I did run in to quite a few other groups of people with their coupon stashes doing the same thing. I also made sure to sign up for and print off my $5 off a $50 Kmart purchase coupon you can get for registering at, I believe, so I was hoping I could use that too.

I luckily made the trip by myself so I had all of my brain and attention to use towards getting some great deals. An interesting thing is that Kmart sets up their computer system that the coupon will double, but will not give you more money off than the actual price of the item. The cash register does all the work. However, occasionally the cashier will have to push a button to pick which item the coupon is for. My cashier wasn't into precision, but mainly tried to do things quickly. So she did miss one coupon (which I ended up returning that item) and she did somehow give me overage for one item, just because she quickly pressed a button without looking at what she was pressing. Here's what I found:
**1 St. Ives lotion $1.79, minus $1 coupon, doubled. Free.
**3 Aveeno lotions $3.15 each, minus 3 $2 coupons, doubled. Free.
**3 Bic Soleil razors $2.50 each, minus 3 $2 coupons, dobled. Free.
**1 Garnier hairspray $3.99, minus $2 coupon, doubled. Free.
**3 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners $2.79 each, minus $1 coupons, doubled. $0.79 each.
**1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet bowl cleaner $3.50, minus $1 coupon, doubled. $1.50.
**1 Cascade Rinse Agent $3.49. Coupon for free rinse agent, minus $3.49. Free.
**1 Dawn dish liquid $2.39, minus $1.50 coupon that cashier doubled to $3 off. $0.61 overage.
**1 Febreeze air freshener $2.79, minus $1.50 coupon, doubled. Free.
**3 Pledge multi-surface wipes, minus 2 $2 coupons, doubled. (She missed the 3rd one) Paid $3.89!!! (I will be taking the 3rd pack back.)
**2 Carvers dog treats $3.19 each, minus $1.50 coupons, doubled. $0.19 each.
**4 Hormel complete dinners $2 each, minus $0.75 coupons, doubled. $0.50 each.

Total for all products: $69.77
Minus $5 on a $50 purchase coupon: $64.77
Minus all other coupons: $4.53
Tax: $2.50.
Total: $7.03.
Minus cost of returning Pledge wipes: -$4.17

Actual Total Cost, including tax: $2.86 JACKPOT!

Now, when relaying this trip to my Dad, he said "Did you really need all the stuff you got?" Always rational, my dad. But the answer is "No." I really didn't need it all, but it is all stuff that I will either eventually use, pass on to friends or family, or donate. But of the things I did need and was currently out of (4 Compleat Meals, 2 Pledge Wipes, 4 Toilet Bowl cleaners) I would not have been able to get those for $2.86 total anywhere if I just ran and picked them up on the spur of the moment. So the other things I scored were all just bonuses to me and my stockpile.

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  1. Great Trip! I get asked that question all the time. I think you made a good point! I donate lots of extra items to our local food pantry. And, friends and family are always treated well too!