Monday, April 6, 2009

$15 off of a $75 purchase CRT! Whoa Nelly!

Sunday I went into CVS with the intentions of getting my 3 packs of Huggies, use my 3 $5 off coupons, and a $4 off of $20 coupon that I hadn't use yet, but when I scanned my card at the coupon machine, it spit out a $15 off a $75 purchase. Now, I know $4/$20 and $15/$75 still equals 20% off. I get that. But there's something about that $15 off that I COULDN'T resist. So I saved my coupons, browsed the store a little bit (there's lots of things being marked down, some that I have my eye on) and then left.

Later that night, after everyone was in bed asleep, I opened up my CVS ads and grabbed my stacks of coupons and went to work. Now, I'm sure you know if you shop at CVS, you never can count on them having everything you want to buy, especially if it's on sale with Extra Bucks. So I had a long list of things I really wanted and then some extras that would work.

Here's what I came up with:
**3 packs of Huggies $10 each, minus 3 $5 coupons, get 10 ECBs back = $5
**2 Easter baskets, $1.99, get 1.99 back each (free)
**2 Easter bags of Easter grasss, $0.79 each, get 0.79 ECBs back each (free)
**1 Skintimate Shave Gel, $3.49, get 3.49 ECBs back (free)
**1 Stayfree pads, $3.99, minus $2 off CRT coupon, get 2 ECB back (free)
**2 Carefree liners $4.19, minus 2 $1.50 coupons, get 2 ECBs back each = $0.69 each
**1 Colgate MaxWhite toothpaste $2.99, minus $1 coupon, get 2 ECBs back (free)
**2 Glade Air fresheners $0.99 each, BOGO coupon, $1 off CRT (free)
**2 Excedrin Migraine $1.99 each, 2 $2 off coupons (free)
**1 Dawn dish liquid $0.99, minus $1 coupon (free)
**1 Gerber Graduates snack $3.29, minus $3 coupon = $0.29
**2 cans of Pringles $0.88 each, minus $1/2 coupon = $0.76
**2 Nature Made vitamins $5.99 each, BOGO sale, minus $2 CRT, minus 2 $1 coupons = $1.99/2

Total before coupons: around $76, with tax it was around $82
Minus $15/75, Total after coupons: around $24
Used $20.49 in ECBs, Subtotal: $0.95, plus tax for grand total of $2.84. (from my gift card)
Received around $27 in ECBs.

I wish I could have grown my ECBs more, but I used all that I had. :( I would have done the Natural Dentist mouthwash, but I just didn't have enough ECBs to buy it and I really didn't want to use up more of my gift card balance. But I'm happy with it. Hopefully there will be some moneymaker deals coming up that will help me out. :) The moral of the story: It helps to PLAN. And for some reason, I really enjoy plotting out my next great deal. It's like searching for treasure! :)

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  1. Wow, good for you, I am 32 also, my husband said the only hobby i have is "shopping in CVS", great post!