Monday, March 30, 2009

A great Walgreens trip---I don't know if I've ever said that!

Today we were out and about and I'm so happy for the wonderful weather--the grass is GREEN! Really green! Yay! We stopped at CVS and Walgreens to celebrate. :)

At CVS I picked up:
* 2 Sally Hensen nail polishes (BOGO) and use by $3/2 CVS coupon, to make them free
* 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers. They were $2.99, and I had 2 $2.75 off coupons, so they were about $0.50 for the two--and definitely something I'll use.
* 1 AccuCheck meter (9.99, get 9.99) --to donate
* 2 of the PAAS Easter egg coloring kits (1.99, get 1.99).
* 1 bag of Jelly Beans (not pictured, on sale for $0.50--I thought I needed a filler, but am not sure if I really did. The jelly beans were not good--I tried them. And I'm not particularly picky on my sweets.)

All in all, I used $13.99 ECBs, plus $0.75 out of pocket (off of gift card) and got back $13.97 in ECBs. (3.98 for the 2 Paas, 9.99 for Accu-Check)

The BIG STORY is that we hit Walgreens afterwards. Cooper was nearing the end of his tolerance for shopping at this point, but I armed him with a biscuit to gnaw on (and an emergency sucker in my pocket) and he was good to go. We picked up:

* 2 rolls of Reynolds Wrap foil ($0.89 with in-ad Q, plus $1 off manufacturer coupon=free plus $0.22 overage)
*2 Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candles ($5.99 each, minus $4 off with Wags coupon, minus 2 4 off manu. coupon= free) These will be nice Mother's Day gift additions.
*2 Cherry Cokes and 2 Hershey bars (BOGO Walgreens coupon from Coke Rewards, plus 2 free
Hershey bars from buying the Cokes=1.19 after coupons)
*2 bags of Halls cough drops (used Wags in-ad Q for the $1.39 price, BOGO coupon found at
Kmart took off $2.29, $1 off manu. Q made $0.51 overage)
*3 Easter mini-sticker book (used 3/$1 in-ad coupon because I needed more items to match my
number of coupons.)

So all in all I paid $1.28 before tax, making a total of $2.66 with tax. The cashier, Krystal, was SO nice and SO helpful. She didn't say anything rude, which has sadly been typical Wags behavior. She didn't throw any of my coupons back at me and say "I'm not taking this". She was just NICE. And if a coupon wouldn't have worked, that would have been fine, but I just appreciated her willingness to do her job and have great customer service. Very refreshing. I will definitely fill out my survey on the receipt and leave high marks for her, and even send an additional nice email to about her. Thank you Krystal, you made my day. And all the loot for $2.66 helped. :)

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