Friday, March 13, 2009

CVS & Target: March 13th

CVS wasn't too hot this week. :( But we needed some Cheerios around here, so I thought I'd do the "Buy $10 General Mills products, Get $5" deal, so we headed that way. Also, I just like to get out of the house when possible. It's a nice day here in SW Ohio, so off we went. I also had a $2 off Playskool wipes CRT (printed from the price checker/coupon scanner), a FREE Diet Dr. Pepper coupon (from --great deal, can sign up each email account you have), and a coupon for a Free Suave product (home mailer). So I bought 3 boxes of Cheerios (3/$10) and the other 3 products. I didn't have any appropriate Cheerios coupons (used them all already), so I had a 10 ECB (Extra Care Bucks--cvs $ coupon) to pay for all of the above. The Suave coupon took off $3, instead of the $2.69 price, so that helped take some tax off my order. My total was $9.98, I had the $10 ECB adjusted down, and paid $0.00 out of my pocket! I love the $0.00 total. It's the best! I did receive my 5 ECBs back. Hopefully next week there will be some better deals so I can get at least the total amount of ECBs I spent back. That's always my goal, but lately hasn't been happening as much.

(I do know that Dry Idea deodorant will be $2.99 next week, giving out $2 ECBs. There is a $2 Dry Idea coupon on, so that's a moneymaker! So go and print that off right away! And I actually only use that kind of deodorant, so that's extra good.)

We made a stop at Target on the way home. I wanted to get some more Motts applesauce and some goldfish crackers. Motts are $1.67 at my Target. Target has store coupons at and there is a $1 off Motts coupon, so I printed that off to use. I also printed a manufacturer's coupon for $0.55 off the Motts, but the cashier wouldn't take it. :P The goldfish crackers were $1.74 and there was also a Target coupon for $1 off those. Then I grabbed some Zone bars because of the awesome Buy 1 Get 3 free coupon that you get when you sign up and log into your Zone Perfect account. The cashier rang it up wrong, and somehow I think I got them all free. She was already annoyed with me, so I didn't fight her and my total was $1.41. Basically the $0.67 of the Motts plus the $0.74 of the Goldfish crackers.

I've been having a lot of problems with cashiers not ringing up the Zone coupon right. Once, they only gave me B1G1 free, and I didn't catch it, but usually they give me more off than I should get. ??? What do you do--do you correct them if they add wrong?

So my total for the day was $1.41 for all of the loot in the picture. I do need to run out and get some milk, (we ran out faster than I thought) so I'll probably have one more CVS trip today, but probably won't make anything from it.

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