Monday, March 16, 2009

Deal: Kroger Milk

I ran into Kroger today to use up some Buddies coupons that were expiring. They only had 2 Buddies, so I grabbed a pack of the Johnson's baby q-tips, so it was about $0.67 for the three things, with the $3 off any Johnson's coupon. Anyway, I had a Kroger home mailer coupon for $1 off a 1/2 gallon of OJ, so I went back to grab it, and realized it was only $0.88 this week. Overage for me! But the milk 1/2 gallons are all only $0.88 too. So I grabbed a couple, cause that's hard to beat. $1.76 for a whole gallon worth. It's rarely under $2 so I thought I'd share. I do try and combine my milk buying with my CVS trips, but I thought this was a good deal, and I'd lay off of my Extra Bucks for a couple days.

Oh, I don't know if this is common knowlegde, speaking of coupons that are expiring, but does anyone else use coupons past the expiration date? I've never had a problem with them beeping as long as they are not more than a month over the expiration date. I don't know if they just do this so you have some wiggle room, but I've tested it a lot and unless I'm not buying the right product or size, they don't beep. If you are feeling gutsy, try it. Why wouldn't they beep if they are expired?

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