Friday, March 27, 2009

CVS: March 27th

A couple days ago, while browsing CVS, and picking up some Crest $3.49, get $3.49 toothpaste, I scanned my card at the coupon/price checker machine. To my disbelief, a $5 off $30 purchase printed off. That rarely happens to me, so I was excited! So I went home and plotted my $30 purchase, in hopes of gaining ECBs. Well, it didn't totally work out with much of a gain, but I did pretty good. Everything did not quite make it to the picture, but I'll list it out.

First, for half my total of $30, I got the Bayer Contour Meter, which I had a coupon for. It was $14.99, and the coupon is good up to $30, so it took off all $14.99. I bought the Diet Pepsi 3/$11, with the Buy 2 Get 1 free coupon, so it took $3.67 off, and I got 2 ECBs back for that. I got my 2nd Crest toothpaste (limit was changed to 2), with a $0.50 off coupon, and got the $3.49 ECBs back. I got the Schick Intuition razor (my personal favorite razor ever! You'll even shave every day through the winter with this razor ladies!) It was $8.99, minus a $4 coupon, and I got 3 ECBs back for it. I had a coupon for a free Diet Dr. Pepper ($1.49-$1.49= free), a coupon scanner coupon for $2 off any Ambi product--the bar soaps are only $1.99, so free again. And a scanner coupon for $1 off 2 Gold Emblem snacks. The chocolate covered raisens were $0.99 a bag--I got two, so it was $0.98 for two bags. They are yummy. With all of that, my total was around $34. Which let me be able to use my $5 off coupon! Yay!
So after coupons, I basically paid for two 12 packs ($7.34), the Crest ($3.49-$0.50 coupon=$2.99), and the $0.98 raisens. I used $12 in Extra Bucks, $0.54 in change and got $8.49 back in Extra Bucks. A loss in ECBs but I am a big diet pop drinker and I love the razors, so it was worth it.

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