Friday, March 27, 2009

Meijer: March 27th, 3 free milks!!!

We hit up Meijer today, because I wanted to do the Kellogg's deal. Buy 3 Kellogg's cereals, get 1 free milk, Buy 5, get 2 free gallons, Buy 7, get 3 free gallons. I had 2 $0.70/1 coupons, so I was going to use them on the 5/$10 Kellogg's cereals that were on sale, making them just $1 each. I had kind of wished in my head that someone would leave some extra coupons behind by the cereals--you know how nice people do that, when they know they won't use them. I love that. Well, praise the Lord, someone left 3, 3!!! extra $0.70/1 coupons there! So that gave me 5 total, so that I could be 5 boxes for $5 total, and then get the coupons for two free milks!!! How awesome! I'm going to try and do that (leave extra coupons) more often, because it really made my day.

I also grabbed a loaf of $1.29 wheat bread and decided to do the Nabisco deal, where you buy 2 Nabisco products listed (most were 2 for $4) and get a gallon of milk free instantly. Milk is only $1.77 this week, but still, I'll take it for free. We needed milk (my main reason for going to Meijer) and so this would let me get the milk now, and not have to turn around and go get the milk to use my coupons--cause you are supposed to use the coupons on your next order. So I paid around $10 for 5 boxes of cereals, 2 boxes of Nabisco crackers, 1 loaf of break and 1 gallon of milk. I thought that was good. AND I got two coupons for 2 more free milks to use later!
For all the great Meijer deals, I like to check out Bargain Briana and Cincinnati Cents. Check them out!

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