Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Bringin' Thrifty Back

Ok, it’s time to get my thrifty back on!! I don’t know where I’ve been, other than everywhere. And all the time. I’ve been going non-stop since June, but now I feel like I can and WANT to get back to blogging. I love deal shopping and I love writing about it (for some reason??) so here I am again.

I scored some Mega sales over the summer, many dealing with diapers! Score! Back in May, I guess, I scored with many packs of Huggies. They switched the packaging and they went to 75% off at CVS. Remember that?? Plus there was a $3 coupon, or something like that out, so they were basically $1.49 or less!! Depending if you had any CVS coupons for Huggies. It was awesome. And I was mildly obsessed with it. J I shopped until I ran out of coupons.

Then, in August, did the Diaper Deal of the Century! 95% off of their boxes of Pampers diapers!! Again, I become obsessed. For the deal to fly, I had to round up orange insert cards from the August or September issues of Parents or Parenting magazines. Which resulted in the Great Library Tour of 2010. I hit up almost all the Dayton Metro Library libraries, plus a couple more. I ended up buying… wait for it… wait for the crazy… 19 boxes of diapers. Yes, 19. With the coupons (you could use 3 different coupons, plus Pampers had a $1-2 coupon on the boxes were between $2.50-$4.19. And this is the LARGE box of diapers. Regularly priced around $35-$40. Can you believe that?? I got Cooper 6 boxes I believe. I got 3 boxes for my preggo BFF (a box of Huggies Size 1, 2 and 3). The rest that I bought, I sold! I was going to keep some, but we needed the dough, so I sold them for a nice profit. I roughly estimate that I spent about $60 for all 19 boxes. The ones I sold brought me in about $230.

Ok, so anyway, I’m going to be better about posting my deals. Because I love it. The clipping, the sorting, the shopping, the saving, the bragging about it. :P Just kidding. But it’s something I like, a hobby, and a major blessing, all in one. And if I can help anyone find blessings, I’m happy to do it!

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