Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Strike Against Target 10-4-10

No, I’m not going on a Target strike (although I have gone on several store strikes in my lifetime). But I do want to complain about them.

Yesterday I was in Target. We needed trashbags and I had a $1 off an Up&Up (that’s the Target brand name) product coupon. Plus I saw in the ad that the Shark Portable (Handheld) Steamer was advertised for $99, and get a $20 gift card. I’ve been wanting to get one, and when I bought my Shark Steam Mop, they did the same $20 gift card deal, so I knew that it would come back. I just had a feeling! Well, voila, here it was. Also, I decided to do a “Price Match” on the Bounce Dryer Bars that are on sale at Rite Aid, because I had a manufacturer’s coupon AND a Target coupon, so I thought I’d get a better deal this way. I was wrong.

Target recently has advertised that they will “Price Match” exact items from competitor’s ads for the same week. So after my regular check out, I took my Bounce Bar up to the Customer Service (they can’t do it at the regular check out for some reason—boo.) :P The lady came to help me. The only problem was that Rite Aid wasn’t listed as a competitor, even though CVS and Walgreens were both on the list. So this prompted the nice and willing cashier to have to ask her supervisor. Who was very rude from the get-go. Boo. The first cashier asked “Would they be a competitor?” “I wouldn’t think so” said the second, in a rude voice. Then she didn’t believe me that the price or product was correct. I read her the ad. She looked and looked at it (trying to find some reason NOT to let me have the deal.) She finally said that because I have to use my “Wellness Card” at Rite Aid, and it was a special “Wellness Card” deal, that Target couldn’t give that price. Bull-ogna. (Like bologna, but with my bull!)

So, the moral of the story, TARGET—don’t offer this great “Price Matching” if you can’t handle it! Because someone out there will blog out it! And someone else, may just start a Target strike. (It could have possibly been me, but I have a $20 Target gift card I need to use!)

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