Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost 2 months!

Well, I promise you, it hasn't been 2 months since my last deal. :) I've just had some serious computer problems and so on, so I've been a little behind in posting. But, we now have High Speed internet (I know, welcome to the 21st century) and I will now be able to download pictures, again, too!

I've had two great diaper scores in the last week or so. For some reason, I get a little stressed when I'm running low on diapers. I guess it's the fear that I may have to pay $8-10 for a pack of diapers. NOOOO! :)

Last week, Rite Aid had Huggies on sale for $8.99. I had been saving my Holiday Gift of Savings check ($20) for awhile now, waiting for the right price and time. I picked up 4 packs. I had (4) $2 off Huggies manufacturer's coupons, plus (2) $1 off Rite Aid Video Values Huggies coupons, and also a Video Values $5/$20 purchase coupon. My total before coupons was $37+. After my $20 rebate check, my $8 in manu Q's, $5 off, and $2 RA coupons, I paid $1.77! NOT BAD! I also will enter my receipt and get $3 back for the Huggies Single Check Rebate award. I will take it! What a blessing!

Then yesterday, I was reading Money Saving Mom's post about a good deal on Pampers from I tweeked it a little bit for my own benefit, and ended up paying $32 for 179 diapers, plus I'll get a $15 rebate back! Here's how it all happened:

I was reading the post, which gives a code (SAVEMOM) for $10 off your order. But I remembered that I received an email awhile back from that said something like "Buy Pampers, and take $10 off your order, plus get 500 Pampers Gift to Grow points." I had never ordered from so I thought, "Well, both the deals give me $10 off, but why not take the 500 points while I'm at it." IN ADDITION, I checked out my Pampers Gift to Grow points, which I had added to recently, and I was around 1100 points. I searched through the awards catalog, and for 1000 points, you could buy a $10 gift certificate to I made sure that I could use both the promo code (10PAMPERS) AND the gift certificate, buying looking in the Help section at and the answer was YES!

So here's what I did: I put a Extra Large Case of Pampers "Baby Dry" in my cart, and also clicked that I wanted to use the $1.50 off "ecoupon". I then added a jumbo pack of Huggies "Little Movers" which also had an ecoupon for $2 off (even though I usually buy the Snug and Dry because you get more in a pack--but I wanted to be able to use the $2 off coupon.) My total was around $52. Minus the Promo Code, Minus the Gift Certificate (the code for the GC showed up on the screen at once I "bought" it). My new total was around $32. I printed out the rebate form, which I have 4 weeks to turn in) and so I'll get $14.97 from that!!

I probably wouldn't have paid $32 for 179 diapers, unless I got the rebate. I'm just so spoiled from getting my diapers by using Extra Bucks at CVS or other deals, like my Rite Aid ones. But with the $15 back, it will be only about $17 for the equivalent of about 6 packs of diapers. So that's worth it. And it will ease my diaper-stash stress. :)

Oh, and as soon as I checked out on, my 500 Gift to Grow code popped up on the screen! So now I have 600 something points. Not to bad. I do not know if anyone can use the 10PAMPERS code, or if you can only use it if you got the specific email. ??? In the email, it said "Click here" for the deal and then the page popped up, along with the message about "Order now and earn your 500 points" thing. But maybe you got the email too. Or I could forward you mine!! That might work. :)

Happy diaper shopping to you!! :) Hope you find some great deals this week!

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