Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something to Talk About

It's been a little while since I posted. There hasn't been much to get excited about. The grocery store deals the last couple weeks have been blah. CVS is less than exciting lately.

I did do the 3M "metal" hook deal--buy $15 worth and get 5 ECBs. They were $2.50 each. So you had to buy 6 in order to reach the $15 mark. Well, 3M (along with Scotch) always has great coupons out on their website. AND they always put them in pdf format, so you can print as many as you want. So they had $2.50 coupons for the "metal" 3M hooks. HOW CONVENIENT! So I printed off 6 of them and got them all FREE, plus the 5 ECBs. So that was the latest good deal at CVS. It would have been even nicer if you could do it more than once per card, but they have been really strict about that, so it was a Limit 1.

Anyways, I do have something to talk about today. Yesterday I had a 2 hour time frame to get out of the house. I needed the me time, but I also had 12 ECBs expiring, so it was a necessity in more way than one. :)
I got all of the items in the following pictures for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR! Sweet.
Here's how I did it:
First stop: Kmart. (Loot in the middle of the picture.) I remember Kmart was doing doubles up to $0.75 and last time I went (when they were doubled up to $2) I found a big box of the Scotch Pop-Up tape dispensers for $0.99. I had coupons for them, but didn't have them in my stash at the time. This time, I did!
**4 Pop Up tape dispensers $0.99 each, minus 4 $0.75 coupons, doubled. Free.
**2 Halls cough drops $1.34 each, minus 2 $0.73 coupons, doubled. Free.
Paid only $0.32 of tax out of pocket.
Next stop: Target. (loot pictured to the right) I wanted to do the Fiber One gift card deal, with my previous gift card from the Special K deal.
**2 boxes of Fiber One bars $2.39 each, minus 2 $1.35 coupons. $1.04 each.
**1 box of Fiber One toaster pastries $1.79, no coupon, but wanted to try them. $1.79.
**1 box of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal $2.39, minus $1 off coupon. $1.39.
**1 small bag of Chex Mix $0.99, minus Target $1 off Chex Mix coupon. (No size stated, but it beeped. Cashier pushed it through.) Free, plus $0.01 overage.
**1 Dove chocolate bar, minus Target $1 off Dove candy coupon. (No size/type stated, but it beeped. Cashier pushed it through.) Free, plus $0.01 overage. (not pictured, eaten. yum.)
**4 trial size containers of Band Aids. $0.97 each, minus 4 $1 off ANY Band Aid coupons. (Coupon beeped, but cashier pushed them through.) Free, plus $0.03 overage each--total $0.12 overage.
Total came to $5.25 after tax. Paid with $5 gift card from Special K deal. Paid $0.25 out of pocket AND got a new $5 gift card!
Last stop: CVS. (loot pictured to the left) Like I said, I had $12 ECBs expiring and wanted to make the most of them. I had cereal coupons and the Colgate coupons, so that's what I decided to do.
**3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats, 3/$10, minus 3 $1 coupons. 3/$7.
**1 Colgate Max White toothpaste, $2.99, minus $1 coupon. $1.99.
**1 Colgate Max White toothbrush, $2.99, minus $1 coupon. $1.99.
**2 Russell Stover Private Reserve chocolate bars, (add to Mother's day gifts) clearanced $0.50 each. $1.00.
**1 Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care lotion (add to baby shower gift), clearanced from $8.99 to $2.25, used $2 off coupon. $0.25.
Total: $12.23. Used $12 ECBs and $0.23 out of pocket. Got back 5 ECBs for cereal and 4 ECBs for Colgate products.
So all in all, $0.32 + $0.25 + $0.23 = $0.80 for all of that in the picture. I was excited to come home and drag all my bags in and say "I got all of this for about $1." :) Almost everything will go in my stash/stockpile. The gifts will be put in their places. But the Fiber One bars will stay out (yum--oats & caramel) and my hubby already had some Chex Mix. So even if I just wanted the Fiber One bars to have around for snacks, I could never get two boxes for just $0.80 total. I love deals. Love 'em!

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