Thursday, May 14, 2009

CVS News

I have decided to consolidate my CVS shopping. What?? Ok, maybe not the actual shopping, but the use of more than one card. I know, I probably should just only have 1 card, so that's where I'm going. I started with just one CVS card for myself, when my awesome friend Suzanne introduced me to her great deals. After a couple months, I registered my hubby for one, and then my mom started letting me use hers. I hadn't planned on using hers, but something she bought gave her $10 ECBs, so she gave them to me, but I had to use her card to use them, so the cycle began. :) Since my ECBs have been dwindling anyways, along with the fact that it's torture to get Cooper to even go to CVS anymore, (not so much any other store, but he hates CVS and instantly starts crying when we pull into the parking lot. Yikes.) I've decided to stop using my hubby's card and my mom's. Even though, CVS doesn't limit how many cards you have per person/household, some people get pretty uptight about it, so it will alleviate that issue. I originally wanted additional cards for baby/diaper deals, when there was just a Limit 1 on sales. But now I'm just going to use up their few ECBs and focus on my one card. Maybe I'll be able to grow them more if I concentrate on just one... Hopefully. I MAY use their cards IF there is something that I can get free and get ECBs, but we'll see. That doesn't happen too often. And I'll just turn around and use the ECBs right away on necessities.

Ok, on to the CVS deal news, if you haven't been looking, check out all the baby aisle stuff. LOTS of things are going 75% off lately. Some of them not marked--Huggies Natural Care wipes refill (2 refills) are ringing up $1.62. Playskool wipes have been marked down to $0.82 cause they are redoing the packaging. Some of the Huggies Clean Team wipes are 75% off (not sure of price). Some Johnson's Baby stuff is going to 75% off. Many of the Playskool baby items (bottles, toys, etc.) are being marked down. Some of the Gentle Naturals items are on clearance because they are redoing the packaging. Palmer's Stretch mark lotion I just found 75% off in the baby section. Some nursing pads (Lansinoh) I saw on 75% off. ALL great additions to a baby gift basket!!! And don't forget to use coupons to make the deals even better!!!

Here are some of the great clearance deals I have gotten lately:

** 2 Johnson's Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion, $1.12 each, minus 2 $1 coupons for the Johnson's baby site. $0.12 each! Great for a baby gift basket.
** Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap lotion, $2.25, minus $2 off coupon. $0.25!
** 2 packs of the Huggies Natural refills (2 ct.), $1.62 each, minus a $2 off any Huggies tub or refill coupon from the coupon machine, minus 2 $0.50 off manufacturer coupons! $0.24 total!

I am hopefully going to go back and get some of the Palmer's lotion for my gift basket that I'm making (I think it was $1.72 and I have $1 off coupon.) If I can find a Lansinoh coupon, I may get some of those for the basket too (I think they were around $2.)

If your store has a price scanner, load up your cart and check things out! There could be more that I don't know about (do tell, if you find something). I love when companies change packaging. Score!

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