Sunday, August 30, 2009

CVS Trip--8/30

I made a run to CVS today. I went to one across town because I haven't been there lately, and they usually have Beauty Book coupons sitting out for anyone to take. Bummer, they didn't today, but I did hit some 75% off summer clearance. I don't usually go crazy with it until it's 90% off, so I just got a couple things I really wanted. Here it is:

** Glade Fragrance Collection reed difuser thing $6.99, minus $3 off coupon. $3.99, get back 6.99 in ECBs.
** 2 Bounce dryer bars $3.99 each, minus 2 $1.50 coupons. $2.49 each, get back 1ECB each.
** 2 "Beverage Totes" (will use to hold books in my son's room) Reg. $3.99 each, 75% off. $1.49 each.
** 1 Nemo kite (we're decorating my son's room in Nemo, so this will be cool hanging in the corner, I think.) Reg. $3.99, 75% off. $0.99.
** 2 Ice Packs (for the cooler, etc.) Reg. $1.99, 75% off. $0.49 each.
** 1 tub of Huggies wipes $3.49, minus $2 off CRT, $1 off coupon. $0.49.
** 1 $0.33 caramel to get my total over $25

Total was a little over $25, plus tax (stupid ECBs don't work on tax now.) :(
Used my last $5/$25 purchase (from quiz) plus other coupons.
New total $11 something, plus tax.
Used about $11 in ECBs, plus $1 something out of pocket (I need a new gift card!)
Got back 6.99 ECBs for Glade, 2 ECBs for Bounce.

Loss of 2 ECBs and $1 something out of pocket. But I'm excited to use the Bounce bars and see if they work. Plus, I'm really happy with my clearance items. The "beverage totes" match my son's room really well and I think he'll like Nemo in the corner. Good luck with your CVS deals this week!

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