Monday, August 10, 2009

A Great Deal Day

Today, somehow, I'm not sure, but today I hit 3 stores and got some great deals.

First stop was Kroger. I wanted to get some snack food for a mini-trip we are going on to visit friends. I had a wonderful cashier that was so nice and talked about how she loves internet coupons too. I will definitely keep my eyes open for her whenever I'm at that Kroger. Cooper was with me and enjoyed the racecar cart. That's about the only way to get through Kroger. Hopefully the excitement lasts awhile. Here's what I got:

** 3 packs of Oscar Mayer beef hotdogs 2/$5. I have a Kroger mailer for a free pack! Plus 2 $1 off coupons. The 3 packs were $3 total. I thought that was great.
** Buy 4/$10 get two gallons of milk deal: I got Cheeze-Its, Rice Krispies, and 2 packs of Keebler cookies. I have coupons for each, so it brought the total down to $6, plus the 2 gallons of milk for free.
** 4 cups of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese. $1 each, minus 2 coupons doubled for $1 off. So 4 cups for $2. Nice for traveling.
** 3 boxes of Weight Watchers Fudge pops. Yum. They are on sale for 2/$6 til mid-August. I've picked up a couple $0.55/1 coupons at Weight Watchers, so I got the 3 boxes for $2 each.
** 1 box of Cinnamon breakfast bars--I can't recall the actual brand. (Cinnabon?) Something new. $1.99, minus $1 off coupon. $0.99. For breakfast away from home.
** 1 bag of marshmellows. $1. (to go with the Rice Krispies for RK treats)
** 2 multi-pack bags of Ramen noodles. $0.99 each. My hubby eats these up like mad. I don't know why.

My receipt says I saved: $34.67 (62%)
Total after coupons: $20.97.

Later in the evening, I got away from the house by myself. I HAD to hit up CVS and get the Huggies deal, especially since I got 2 CRT's for $2 off Huggies and $2 off Pull-ups, both I had manu. coupons for. I also got my free mouthwash (August free gift item--was hoping for the chocolate, though.) I got two packs of highlighters and 2 York Peppermint Patties, cause I had to get my total up to $4, cause that was the smallest amount of ECBs that I had.

My original total was about $25. Used a $4/$20 coupon from the pharmacy booklet. Total before ECBs was about 5! Used $4 ECBs and 1.18 OOP. Got back 4 ECBs. Not bad. My pre-tax total was $0.04!!! Nice. Receipt says "Total Savings of $34.69."

Last stop was Meijer. I found some of the Dannimals coupons, and wanted to get two of those, since there's also a Meijer Mealbox coupon to go with the manu. coupon to make them FREE! Picked up some lunchmeat (Healthy Ones?) $2, plus I had a $0.55 coupon, doubled to make it $1. The frozen pretzels are half off again and I had coupons from last time that I wanted to use, so they were $1.36, minus $1 each after the coupon doubled. My hubby also loves those. I got two boxes (I hate that Meijer only will double 2 of the same coupon, by the way. That makes me mad.) Then I walked past a Rice Krispie Treat display and all the boxes had $2/2 packs coupons. They were $1.88 on sale, plus if you bought $10 worth, you'd get $10 off a backpack.

Now, in my head, I was thinking "If I get a backpack that's less than $10, will it take the whole $10 off?" I was hopeful, but NO it doesn't work that way. I got a $5 one and it only took $5 off. I gave it a try. :) But 6 boxes of the RKT's were $11.28, minus 3 $2/2 coupons, made them $5.28 for 6 boxes, plus the free backpack. So it was alright. They will be good to take travelling and I love them. My Meijer total was $7.00, after coupons. My receipt says I saved "$29.17."

So for about $100 worth of stuff, I paid about $30. About 70% off. Not bad. Not awesome, but I'll take it. We have plenty of snacks for our mini-trip and to share with friends when we get there. The $0.04 diapers were the highlight of the day. :) (And I got another pharmacy coupon booklet from a different pharmacist tonight at CVS. I'm loving this! I won't take them all, I promise.) Happy Shopping!

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