Sunday, August 16, 2009

CVS Trip 8/16

Cooper and I had to get out first thing Sunday to get to CVS to get some deals. Mainly, because I have a $23.97 ECB that expired today (8/16) and I REALLY needed to roll it before it was too late. That would be devastating to lose almost $24 in ECBs! I do know of a CVS that takes expired ones, if that would have happened, but I was glad I could get out today.

I wanted to get the 3-day sale items and be one of the first ones there to get them, so they 'd actually be there! I was the first ECBer that I noticed, but at least 2 more rolled it after me, not long after 10am when they opened.

First stop, I scanned my card at the coupon machine. Low and behold, a 10 ECB popped out! I forget that I took a CVS Advisory Panel survey (yay me!) and was awarded 10 ECBs for taking it! So that printed out today. Along with that I got one of the strangest $/$$ off coupons ever--$7 off a $49 or more purchase! Just weird. But I'll take it and see if I can make it work for me. :) So here's what I got:

** 2 PaperMate packs of black pens $0.99 each x 2, both gave back $0.99 each in ECBs.
** 2 packs of CVS filler paper $0.99 each x 2, both gave back $0.99 each in ECBs.
** 2 recycled plastic pencil boxes (? weird to me) $1.99 each, got back in $1.99 each in ECBs.
(couldn't find the mini-compositioin books, darn)
** 1 Phillips headphones $6.99, get back 6.99 in ECBs.
** 1 L'Oreal 24 hours, something or other, wrinkle/eye cream. $14.99, minus $5 off coupon. $9.99.
** 1 L'Oreal pore minimizing cleanser $5.99 minus $1 coupon. Got back $10 ECBs for buying the 2 L'Oreal items.
** 2 Johnson & Johnson First Aid kits, travel size. $0.99 each, got back 2ECBs for buying 2.

My total was $40+, I don't quite remember. I used my $5 off a $25 purchase from taking the survey! And I used a $4 off a $20 facial care coupon, since I bought over $20 of the L'Oreal stuff. Minus the other coupons. The cashier adjusted my 23.97 ECB to 23.74 (I think) and I paid $0.42 total!!! Yay! Plus I got back $26.93 in ECBs--and this time they are a bunch of small ones and not one huge one! So it was a good trip. A small rise in ECBs, but if you include the 10 ECBs I got for the survey, it was an AWESOME gain! I love boosts in ECBs like that. I hope they ask if I'll take some more surveys, cuase that rocks! Hope you have a good CVS week too! Happy Shopping!

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