Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Product Coupons ROCK!

Rite Aid 11-12-10

I've devised a new plan to get cheap stuff lately at Rite Aid. Awhile back in the paper there was an ad in the coupon section for "Try It Free" Ducolax Balance laxative. I KNOW, I KNOW. Not a pretty thing to be stocking up on. But it's free and it's worth $8. So when I am able to find 2 at Rite Aid (that's almost $16 worth of product) and then I can add at least $4 more worth of something I need (TP, paper towels, laundry detergent). Plus if I have any other coupons for the products, I can them and use my $4 off a $20 purchase coupon I earned at through their Video Values and I have pretty close to FREE stuff! Just pay tax, basically. I haven't had a lot of luck with free TP or paper towels lately, so I stocked up on Bounty, Scott and Brauny this week.

The Dulcolax coupon is HERE: and you can print 2 per computer. We don't have internet at home right now, but these coupons are through SmartSource and I can actually print them at the library without being blocked. And since the library has multiple computers, I can usually print two off each visit. I'll take it! I just need to earn some more $4 off $20 coupons! :)

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