Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday with Rite Aid!!

I know that title sounds weird, and definitely not the first place you would think of going on this busy shopping day! But to me, it was! Rite Aid has replaced my love of CVS. They are doing a similar program to Extra Bucks, called +UP Rewards, AND they have online coupons and money off ($/$$) coupons, so they have won my heart. Sorry CVS, it was fun while it lasted.

I almost went to Rite Aid on Thanksgiving (11/25) but decided I would wait because the Holiday Gift of Savings didn’t start until 11/26. So I exercised some shopping patience, and it paid off! (The Holiday Gift of Savings is where you spend so much at Rite Aid, and in return you get a gift certificate for up to $20!)

I made 3 stops at 3 different Rite Aid, all within a 5 or so mile radius. I prefer to go to a couple different stores, than do multiple transactions and wear out my welcome at one store. Since they are relatively close, that’s the way I like it.

My first transaction, I decided to get only UP+ reward items, with the least out of pocket.

*3 box of Kleenex $1.88 each, Get 1 UP each. Used 2 $1 on 3 (Oct/Nov) Video Value Q’s, 1 $0.50 coupon. $3.14 for 3, Get back 3 UP.
*2 boxes of Cottenelle wipes $1.88 each, Get 1 UP (didn’t get Ups—didn’t realize it was a limit of 3) Used $1 off 2 VV Q, minus $0.50/2 manu. Q. $2.26 for 2. (If I would have realized it was a limit, I may not have gotten them, but my mom said she wanted some to send in a care package, so I'll pass them onto her.)
*1 Conair Hair Dryer $9.99, Get 5 UP. Minus $1 from my 10% off Rite Aid coupon, minus $5 coupon from the Clip and Save booklet. $4.99 Get 5 UP.
*4 Dial Hand Soaps $0.99 each. Minus 4 $1 Clip & Save coupons. Free.
*2 Colgate toothbrushes $1.77 each, Get 1 UP each. Minus 2 $1 VV Q’s. $0.77 each, Get $1 UP each.
*2 bags of Halls cough drops. $0.99 each. Used 2 $0.50 VV Q’s, minus $1/2 man. Q. Free.
*1 box of Sinex $4.99, Get 2 UP. Minus $4 man. Q. $0.99 Get 2 UP.

I also used a $4 off a $20 purchase VV Q, plus 2 $1 UP coupons I already had. Without coupons, my total was $32.86. After coupons, my new total was $5.86! Plus I got back $12 in UP rewards to use at my next stop…

I then used my $12 UP’s to get more stuff, and earn more UP’s, and so on and so on!! I rolled them at Store #2:

*4 boxes of Fruit Loops $1.99 each, get $1 UP each. Used 2 $1/2 coupons. $5.96, Get 4 UP.
*2 candy bars 2/$1, Get 1 UP.
*Conair Hair Dryer $9.99 Used $5 Q. Paid $4.99 Get 5 UP.
*Ducolax $7.99, used $8 off coupon. Free.
*1 Vaseline Lotion $2.99, used $1 coupon. $1.99, Get 2 UP.

Total before: $29.93. No $/$$ coupons. Minus Q’s and 12 UP’s. Paid $0.93. Got 12 more UP!

Off to my last store… (I stopped at the library to get a $5/$25 coupon.)

*2 candy bars. $1/2, Get 1 UP.
*2 Conair dryers. $9.99, used 2 $5 coupons. Paid $9.98, Get 10 UP.
*1 Philips in-ear headphones. $4.99, Get $4.99 Rebate.
*1 Got 2 Be hairspray $4.99, minus $2 coupon. Paid $3.99, Get $4.99 Rebate.

Total before $30.96, minus $5 off and other coupons, and $12 UP. Paid $0.96, got 11 UP.

Decided to run back in and get some pop.

*3 packs of Coke products. 3 for $9.99, Get 2 UP.
*4 candy bars. 2/$1, get 1 UP. Paid $2, Get 2 UP.

Total before $11.99, Used my $11 UP, paid $0.99. Got 4 UP.

ALL IN ALL, I bought $105.74 of product. After coupons and +UP rewards (I only started with 2 +UP) I ended up paying $8.74! I saved $97!! What??

THE BEST PART of it all, since I spent over $100, I GET A $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE from the Holiday Gift of Savings program! That totally rocks!

AND EVEN BETTER… I’ll get (2) $4.99 rebates (a $9.98 check in the mail) for the two items I got on rebate! Now that's a load of good Black Friday deals!

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  1. that is awesome! I didn't even think about the Gift of Savings not starting until yesterday. I should have waited. Oh well! Great job!!!