Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rite Aid: 48 rolls of TP for $0.08!!

Oh my. I'm still reeling from my Super TP Stock-Up '09. :) Rite Aid has Scott Toilet Paper 12 packs on sale for $6.99 this week. That's a great deal, since they are regularly $12.99. I almost bought them at that price last week (stupidly) cause we were running out and I had my $20 gift certificate to use. I didn't have the right coupons with me, so I resisted and boy, am I glad I did!!! Here's what I did:

4 12 pack rolls of Scott TP $6.99 each, minus 2 $1 off Scott Rite Aid coupons, minus 3 $1 off printable manu Q's, minus 1 $0.75 manu coupon (from the little coupon machine). $5.55 each.
4 pencils. 4/$1.
1 bag of clearanced Halloween candy for a filler, $0.64.

Total was $22+, but when she scanned my Fall Gift of Savings $20 gift certificate, it came up that she owed me $0.56! So that's why I threw in the candy at $0.64. Then I owed her $0.08!!!!

Nice. That TP will last us a LONG time. One roll of Scott TP lasts forever. 48 rolls, may last us a year! We'll see. Maybe not so long once Cooper is potty training. :)

So I didn't use my certificate on diapers, but this was very worthwhile to me. I do have one more, that my mom received at her house. So I am going to patiently wait on a good diaper sale and then pounce! :) Hope you had a good week! Happy Shopping!

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