Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Happy Halloween from Rite Aid

I didn't manage to do much of any shopping this week. I think I made two small quick trips to Kroger. One was $9+, one was $3+. So not much to brag about, other than I didn't spend much. But I got out of the house today, alone, ran some errands, and stopped at Rite Aid. I hadn't gotten the Huggies deal, which gives you a $3 rebate, so I knew I really wanted to do that before it was too late. I also wanted to use my $3 off a $15 purchase coupon, that was on I knew if I bought the Huggies for $9.99, I wouldn't have to spend too much to get that extra $3 off, so here's what I got:

1 pack of Huggies $9.99, minus $3 off Huggies mailer coupon, AND $2 off Rite Aid Video values coupon (I had printed them off when they were still available and never got to use them, so I was glad they didn't expire until today!) $4.99.
1 Glade plug-in. $1.79. Used a "Free Glade Plug-In" coupon, I found at Meijer by the weekly flyers (in a SC Johnson booklet). Free.
2 packs of GE Lightbulbs $2 for 2. $2.
2 Nestle Crisp bars for a filler. $0.88 each, minus $1 on 2 coupon (found at the Speedway gas station).

My total before coupons was around $16. Used my $3/15 coupon, and all other coupons.
New total: $4.75, plus tax!

I will get a $3 rebate back for the diapers, plus a $2 rebate for the lightbulbs, totalling $5! So I did pretty darn good!!

Plus I have a whole stack of Huggies diapers receipts that I am going to try and turn into that "Caregivers Market." I've never done it and am kind of leary of it, but I have a friend that does it and says it's easy, so may as well try. They give back $0.75 per pack of diapers that you buy. So I may end up being a millionaire. :) But really, I hope it works, cause I love when money comes in the mail!!

Happy Halloween! I hope you found some nice "treats" at the store this week!

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