Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More diapers, is always a good thing.

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted a trip!

I've been busy trying to get the Rite Aid "Fall into Savings" receipts for I can get the $20 gift certificate. It is nice that you get credit for all that you purchase, even if you use coupons. I gathered several free product coupons that helped earn me some savings. Along with the $5/$25 coupon, I've been trying to use.

I decided to go for the Pampers "Buy $30, get $10 Rite Aid gift card" deal. I bought 2 boxes of Pampers $19.99 each. I split it into 2 transactions (different stores) and added free or almost free after coupon stuff (this week the Airwick's are almost free after coupons). So I spent about $15 each trip for the Pampers box and the other fillers. I'll add that to my Fall into Savings total, to earn the $20 gift certificate and then get the $10 gift card, so I should come out pretty close to even with what I spent to what I get back.

I also did the razor deal (I forget the brand--Magnum/M5?) Buy the razor at $6.99, get the 4 refill cartridge free. I used the $3 off razor coupon and the $3 refill coupon, so it was $0.99 for both! I did that twice. I'm hoping to make a trip to my parents to print off 2 more of each, so I can do it two more times! My hubby loves the nice razor/refills like that. You can't beat $0.99 for 1 razor and 5 total cartridges! Plus there's a $2 Rebate on them, I think, which I can do once. Hey, it's something. $2 is $2. :)

Well, that is all for now. I'm feeling good about replinishing my diaper pile. I HATE when I get down to just one pack left. It makes me uneasy. :) Like I'm scared that I'll have to pay full price, like in the olden days. :) But I can always fall back on my CVS Extra Bucks, I guess.

Hope you are finding good deals too! Happy Shopping!

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