Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's Go Krogering...

I hit up Kroger today during "naptime." And when I say "naptime" it's not just my son. My hubby always encourages me to go run some errands during naptime. Why? So he can join in on the nap!! :) Yes, there's more productive things he could be doing, but I get out of the house, so I don't complain. Usually, at least.

Anyhoo, I went to Kroger. I had an evnelope full of coupons to use for the Mega Sale--"Buy 10 participating items, get $5 off your order." I had some coupons I printed at my house and last night I was able to print some off at my parents house, so I was set. I did pretty good. I chickened out on doing the Amp energy drink deal. I may change my mind, but 1) we don't drink them and 2) the only coupons I have for them say CVS on them. They are manufacturer's coupons, but sometimes I get a lot of slack because they say CVS on them and I hate fighting with them about it. Ugg. We'll see, if I get the gumption to "just do it." I also have several Vitamin Water and Sobe Life Water coupons from CVS that would make them free, but again, is the hassle worth it. Kind of. Especially, cause I'd like the gift card.

Here's what I got:

**2 bags of Purina Dog Chow $4.99, minus 2 $3.50 off coupons. $1.49 each, plus the extra $0.50 off from promotion--really $0.99 each.
**4 sticks of Speed Stick deodorant $1.50 each. Minus 4 $1.50 off coupons. Free. Plus an extra $0.50 will come off because of promotion.
**1 bag of Chex Mix, minus $0.50 coupon doubled. I think it came out to be $0.49? I was supposed to get an e-coupon for Chex Mix taken off, but I couldn't find one. uurrr.
**2 Sobe Life waters $0.99, minus $0.50 coupon, doubled. Free. Plus the extra $0.50 x 2.
**1 Vitamin water $1.00, minus $0.50 coupon, doubled. Free. Plus the extra $0.50 off.
**1 Digorno (sp?) flatbread melt $.319, minus FREE coupon. Free.
**1 box of Hefty trashbags, on close out $3.21, minus $0.55 coupon, didn't double. $2.66.

I had $5 taken off my order for buying the 10 participating items (everything but the flatbread and trashbags were participating items.)

Total before tax: $1.64
Tax: $1.45
Gramd Total: $3.09

Items I really needed: Dog food, trashbags. Totally worth the $3, even though I didn't need the deodorant at all. Sometimes, in crazy coupon lady land, you buy things you don't need, to get the other things for free. :) But if you are reading this, you probably know that.

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