Thursday, July 23, 2009

AMP deal

Well, I was really reluctant to try it for some reason. Maybe because we don't even drink it... But also the coupons I wanted to use have the words "CVS" on them, although they were manufacturer's coupons. THANKFULLY, I asked the cashier before checking out if I was able to use them, explaining they were manufacturer coupons, not CVS coupons. She was very nice and said "As long as they scan, I'll take them." SO YAY!! I was pumped. You never know what kind of cashier you'll get--reasonable/friendly or mean/irrational. I like the 1st set the best. :)

So, here's what I got:

5 Sobe Life Waters $0.99, minus 5 $0.50 coupon, doubled. Free, plus an additiona $0.50 off my order for the "Buy 10, get $5 off" deal. So a total of minus $2.50 for those 5 Sobes.
5 Vitamin waters $1.00, minus 4 (she missed one, but I appreciated her kindness and let it go) $0.50 coupons, doubled. Paid $1 for 5, plus got $2.50 off with the deal.
10 AMP energy drinks $1.69, minus 6 $0.40 off coupons, doubled. Minus $5 off for buying 10. $7.10 total for all 10.
2 bags of Dole lettuce. $0.98 each, minus $1.50/2 coupon. $0.46.
4-5 pounds of cherries. Yum. $0.99 a pound. Total about $4.50.

Total around $8.00 plus tax. Paid $9.03? I think. Receive a catalina for a $10 gift card for buying the AMP drinks!! yay! I was also worried about doing this deal and then not getting the catalina. I hate when that happens. But it did, no problem.

All the drinks, didn't really need. My husband will drink the Sobe and Vitamin waters, though. Needed the salad and love the cherries, so I thought it was worth it. I was going to try and get my total lower, but I love cherries and you can't beat $0.99 a pound! I've paid up to $3.49 a pound for them past years (sadly).

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you found some great deals this week.

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