Monday, November 16, 2009

Target: Glade Holiday Collection Gift Card Deal

I posted about my deals at Target in my last post, but I forgot to mention that it is STILL going on! In fact, the tags said it should be going on until 12/26! Wow! So there's lots of time to stock up on teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. There are the Glade candles, scented oil tins, refills, etc. as long as they are part of the "Holiday collection."

The deal is Buy 5, get a $5 gift card. I'm pretty sure the items are priced at $2.50, unless that was a one week only price. There are lots of coupons ( website, website, inside the scented oil tins, etc.) I found a Glade display at Walmart, in the center aisle, close to the frozen foods, and when you open the scented oil tins up, the coupons just fall out. I found several just floating around on the floor. The coupons in the tins are $1.50 off any scented oil holder or refill!

So if you buy 5 @ $2.50 each--$12.50, minus 5 $1.50 off coupons, that makes it $5.00 even, plus tax. Then you can keep rolling the deal as far as your coupons will take you. I really like the lighter green scented oil candles. They smell great. And the glass scented oil holders are very cute--they have presents on them, and will make great Christmas gift additions! Good luck!

Oh, if you are unsure about the deal, make sure it ring the item up at the price scanner. They should ring up $2.50 AND the scanner will actually say "Free $5 gift card" or something like that on the screen to the side, if it is a gift card deal item! That's a good tip to know for other gift card items too--I hate to buy something that I "think" is part of the sale, and then it doesn't ring up that way. It just makes checking out much more frustrating!

Happy Shopping!

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